Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” -Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s thought provoking words are not just words but are the beacons of light that can guide our lost, thirsting souls into a universe filled with global peace and brotherhood. The world, today, is battling with confrontations amongst nations, the constant violations of human rights and the ever looming threats of destruction and annihilation. What we desperately need are citizens who are well versed with the futility and nihilism of wars and in whose hearts and minds, peace finds resonance.

The raison d’être for MR-MUN has been to provide one such platform to the young envoys and global citizens of tomorrow to step up to their responsibility towards their nations and towards Mankind as a whole. By pro-actively engaging in this intellectually challenging simulation of world politics and shifting power dynamic between nations, curious mind get a chance to hone their debating and deliberating skills. We, at MR-MUN, bring forth a rostrum where dynamic patrons can engage in detailed discourse and conflict resolution as opposed to empty rhetoric. The objective is to provide just, equitable and lasting solutions to world problems so as to give peace and humanity a chance.

Making it a simulation of distinguished dignitaries around the world, it is one of its kind youth centric knowledge enterprises. The need of the hour is to bring about people of the world to a common forum where the conflicts can be resolved through engagement, dialogue and mutual understanding. Schools are a microcosm of the world as such and intellectually challenging activities such as MUNs provide an opportunity to students to work towards global peace and mutual co-operation. We, at, MR-MUN have always welcomed avenues that would allow our young, dynamic leaders to widen their horizons beyond mere text book knowledge and venture into the, as of yet, less explored territories of International Politics and Policy Making. MR-MUN believes in initiating students into public speaking and orienting them in a way which makes it part and parcel of their lives. Waking miles with only one mission has given an impetus to the young diplomats to hone their critical soft skills, spread and share global awareness, encourage pro active participation and ensure social responsibility among the youth.

Our pioneering venture last year was a roaring success due to our enterprising and hard working team of students and teachers and I, sincerely, hope that last year’s success not only gets replicated this year but metamorphoses into an eagerly anticipated event in the academic world. With this thought in mind, I would like to welcome you to MR MUN 2018 for its engaging and stimulating sessions ahead.

Dr. Amit Bhalla,
Vice President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions