• All the delegates shall adhere to the rules and regulations of the Code of Conduct in order to establish a peaceful and respectful work aura throughout the conference.
  • The delegates who do not abide by the Code of Conduct will have to relinquish their liberty to discuss, debate and vote.
  • In serious disciplinary cases, the delegates may also be asked to leave the conference.

Core Values

  • Delegates must treat fellow delegates, the Secretariat and staff authorities with supreme level of respect and kindness.
  • Please inform any member of the secretariat if a quarrel arises at any point of time during the conference.
  • Delegates must be professional in their actions, speech and appearance during the conference.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

  • Diversity is a core value of the United Nations and The Manav Rachna Model United Nations. It is the motive of the organizers that the environment of the conference supports educational goal.
  • Discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, nationality, age, religion or disabilities is prohibited in the convention. Please inform the Conference Secretariat if you feel any of these are bring violated.
  • Sexual Harassment Is Strictly Prohibited.

The Dress Code

  • The delegates may dress in formal attire, western business attire or traditional national dress.

Respect to Property

  • Meeting Room Use
    • Members must respect the meeting rooms and furniture provided by MRIU.
    • Members found writing on tables or chairs will be immediately removed from the conference.
  • Trash
    • Members are responsible for their own trash. After each committee session, each member has to clean his/her own area before leaving the room.

Official Launguage

  • The official language of the conference is English. All conference proceedings will be conducted in English.

Identification Badges

  • Delegates are required to wear their identification badges at all times to obtain access to all conference meetings and activities within the venue.
  • Lost badges must be immediately reported to the Conference Secretariat for replacement.


  • Attending calls and surfing the internet during the conference is strictly prohibited.
  • Any delegate found surfing the internet amidst the session will be gagged out from the session.
  • Electronic devices (like I pads, tabs, laptops etc.) are permitted in the conference provided no use of internet is made.
  • Phones should be at airplane mode during the session.
  • Conference staff and other relevant authorities have the right to monitor computer activities.

Items Brought to the Conference

  • During all meetings, delegates will only be permitted to bring water into the conference room.
  • Smoking Is Strictly Prohibited.

Organisers Are Not Liable For Loss Of Items

  • The organizers of the conference are not responsible for delegates’ personal possessions, whether lost or stolen. Delegates are reminded to guard their belongings.

Reasonable Discretion Of The Organizers

  • All members are expected to maintain decorum in the venue and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the executive profession and diplomatic stature of responsibilities that they are discharging. The organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action for any unethical, unprofessional conduct.
  • The organizers reserve the right to vary, alter, modify or repeal any of the above rules without any prior notification, if so required and as they may deem appropriate.
  • Any issue or matter concerning the conference will be decided by the organizers. Any grievance may be addressed to the Secretary General or the Chef De Cabinet, whose decision shall be final.