Agenda –

  • DPRK –USA war
  • Kidnapping and taking control/ hijacking

The National Security council is the principal forum for the President of US to debate and discuss prospects of foreign policy, national security, military affairs and issues of national importance with the Cabinet and the advisors along with the executive office of the President. The Council serves as the president’s right hand for implementing the policies discussed and preferred by the officials and sharing these policies among various government agencies. There is little doubt that this three day committee is amongst the most jaw-clenching; it has an element of surprise and mystery as its classified agenda makes its way through the session.

The second agenda of formulating the future with respect to the cold war timeline will undoubtedly be most intriguing to see as it takes its course, since the smallest of actions and the most historic summits, all form the road to a heated debate amongst delegates… to see whether the two nations are on their way to create new hallmarks of peacekeeping operations in world history, or leave the world tipping on the brink of possible war.Last modified: 11:12 am