Principal Maam’s Message

The heirs-apparent of an urbanised nation, with an exclusive sanctum that contains myriads of wonders, the youth of today is the harbinger of a new world order and has acquired an even stronger foothold over issues pertaining to global stability. With a new-found zeal and world harmony as its priority, the inquisitive minds have left no stone unturned in shaping mindsets and unflinchingly taking cognizance of their responsibilities towards establishing alliances and forging World Peace. With a newfound zeal and an indomitable spirit, questions are answered, new perspectives are countered and democracy exercised through consistent debilitation and perseverance.

MRIS – 14, has, for the past decade, borne the mantle of excellence, empowering its students to flourish and broaden the horizons of knowledge by surveying the multifarious spheres of learning. To inspire the young minds to fervently follow discourse with an unmatched and unbridled passion, we continue to provide stimulating learning opportunities to match the effulgence of the young minds. It was a delight to hear and behold the participants of MR-MUN 2017 voice their opinions and display scholarly acumen with incomparable enthusiasm and an unmatched vigour. Its heart warming success in bolstering confidence among the students further inspires us to carry forward our efforts and persevere with unmatched strides and stimulate our learners with challenging situations.

Recreating the ambience of the United Nations, we hereby launch the Fourth Edition of MR-MUN 2018 to help our students become delegates, increase their understanding of multilateral organisations and empower their capacity to negotiate, research, analyse and debate the most pertinent concerns throughout the world in a qualified international environment. No doubt, this is an excellent opportunity for the ignited minds to bolster self-confidence, leadership qualities, strengthen collaborative efforts and develop their oratory skills. This experience will be fundamental for participants’ intellectual and human growth and for their future choices. The rich cultural alleys of events will be revisited, wherein students will have the opportunity to compare knowledge and perspective gain insight of the International work context.

We aspire to receive your whole-hearted cooperation towards the convivial event to be held on the       and       of October at Manav Rachna International University, Sector-43, Delhi-Surajkund Road.

Hope to see you soon!

Mamta Wadhwa
Principal MRIS -14, Faridabad